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                  How to identify the quality of the power cord

                  Our life has been inseparable from home appliances, and the power cord in the process of our use of home appliances has an important role.It is not only related to the use effect and life of household appliances, but also related to the personal and property safety of users. What kind of power cord is a high-quality power cord?Here are some of the features of good power cords:

                  First, pay attention to check whether has the quality system certification, has some of the power cord is fake and inferior products manufacturers, the products such as "3 without" product, although there are regions such as logo, but the logo is often ambiguous, such as the Chinese manufacture, China province, city, etc., the origin label is not clear.But the qualified power cord has the standard certificate, and the product inspection chapter, the manufacturer's address and the factory name, as well as the product production date and so on will indicate, on the wire also generally will print the voltage, the trademark, the specification and so on.

                  Second, the general non-formal products of the outer plastic skin using recycled plastic, plastic skin color dull, loose texture.However, for non-standard insulation materials, the insulation layer will feel transparent, brittle and ductile.And the insulation (sheath) layer of qualified products is soft, tough and flexible, the surface layer should be tight, smooth, no rough feeling, and have pure gloss, and the insulation (sheath) layer surface has a clear and scratch resistant mark.

                  Third, the high quality power line core is generally selected pure copper raw material production and through strict drawing, annealing, stranded core, surface should be bright, smooth, no burr, stranded tight degree level off, soft toughness, not easy to break

                  Users in the use of home appliances, to carefully check the quality of the power cord, if the quality of the power cord is not qualified, it will easily affect the normal use of home appliances, and even threaten the safety of the user's living, so we must pay attention to choose qualified quality power cord.