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                  Common sense: power outlets should also be checked regularly

                  Many families use power sockets are relatively aging, long-term use of the family there are serious safety risks.Many Internet users believe that the life of the socket is very long, the general socket can be used normally when the power is on.In fact, this idea is completely wrong.

                  First, the socket is trapped by inflammable substances or dust fall into the cause of short circuit, or installed in flammable and explosive dangerous places, when the plug is inserted or pulled out, sparks will cause an explosion and fire

                  The second, plug damage is not replaced in time, with bare wire head instead of plug use, cause a short circuit or spark, cause combustible fire

                  The 3rd, switch of a few head of bed is in after using conveniently put, switch hits bedstead or wall and make outside insulative layer is damaged, cause short circuit very likely;

                  Fourth, the working voltage and working current of household appliances are not consistent with the power of the socket, long-term overload, once the temperature is too high, it will cause a fire

                  Fifth, the switch installation is improper, especially the switch is placed on combustible objects, once the wire leads to the sheath is abrade, will make the core bare or moisture infiltration, causing a short circuit, or the switch is disconnected when the arc caused a fire

                  Sixth, the distribution board is not placed in the junction box, when the fuse is blown, there will be hot metal particles sputtering down, resulting in combustion of fuel below;

                  Seventh, the family USES the combustible gas because of the pipeline or the valve leakage, causes the combustible gas and the air after mixing to reach certain limit, opens, closes has not eliminated the electric appliance switch of the arc device, can produce the spark.